Cloud Computing Services

SmartStyle Cloud Computing Solution

Are you looking for your first business network infrastructure or do you want to replace your existing setup? Our solution is an excellent choice for you! We offer a fully functional IT environment for your office. Our entire solution is fault-tolerant, highly reliable and scalable, catering to small and mid sized business IT requirements.


  • Entire infrastructure for a monthly fee
  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery
  • Reduced downtime with built-in high availability
  • Scalable infrastructure as you grow
  • Unbreakable and highly available storage using BitSpread technology
  • A comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP) creates snapshot of all servers and desktops every 15 minutes
  • A single solution encompassing servers, desktop, storage, management tools, snapshots, hypervisor, and 24x7 monitoring and support

FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private Cloud Solution?

The private cloud is simply an on-premise and scalable (expand as required) IT solution provided in an IT as a Service (ITaaS) model to match your current and future business needs. The private cloud replaces conventional hardware and infrastructure with virtual desktops, servers and networking for an affordable monthly fee.

Where is MY DATA?

Our private smartstyle cloud solution provides business continuity with all the benefits of cloud technology inside your office. Now, your data never needs to leave your site. However, for added assurance, you can choose to replicate your data to other media, via a USB connection or over the network, for offsite storage.

Why should I trust my business continuity to cloud technology?

In addition to fault-tolerant, reliable and scalable private cloud solution, the built-in business continuity system covers all of your data backup needs and keeps your business running seamlessly in case of a disaster. Your data remains at your office unless you choose to have your data replicated offsite to one of our collocations.

How will this cloud solution lower cost?

With our pay-as-you-go model, you will receive hardware and software as a monthly service. Therefore, you no longer need to invest in assets that you will have to depreciate against later. As a result, your IT can move from a capital expense to an operating expense like a simple monthly bill. Additionally, our private cloud is expandable. You can start with just the resources you need and expand as you see fit.

Our private cloud not only includes hardware that can virtually run desktops and servers, but also offers built-in business continuity. You no longer need to purchase separate software or systems to ensure the safety and continuity of your data, as it's all inclusive. Also, through our Help Desk Time Machine, systems that are affected with problems that normally take hours to restore, can now be fixed in a matter of minutes! So, our private cloud solution increases user productivity while lowering IT support times.

Would my business continuity private cloud be able to expand to meet my needs?

Yes, additional resources can be added into the solution as needed. If you need more storage, you can purchase storage nodes to increase capacity. If you need CPU/RAM resources you can purchase CPU nodes. A combined node will also be an option increasing CPU/RAM and storage.

How quickly can desktops and servers be restored in the case of a disaster?

Basic data recovery can be performed in less than five minutes. Servers and desktops can be converted to run virtually in less than fifteen minutes in most cases. Our system can detect if a Server is offline for a period of time and automatically virtualize that server. If you send data offsite our technicians can have your systems running virtually in under a few hours.

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